Artwork by: Dan Riley

Blue Hornet Logo Design

New Design | Blue Hornet Logo Design

Project Description: Blue Hornet

• Create Logo for an Aeronautics Company

Creating the sketch:

I created this design from scratch. I did some initial research about the hornet before creating the sketch. I really wanted this design to be special and I took extra steps to ensure this would be fully developed. I gathered images of hornets and also other bugs with similar translucent outer shells. I also did some preliminary sketches to get a feel for the hornet before composing concepts. Once I had a grasp on my subject I began creating my concept.

This was one of those designs that I felt was coming from another place to me after it had been pre-designed by the universe. Like it was destined to be in existence. Every small detail flowed in a steady stream effortlessly, what took a week seemed finished in a day. I loved doing every bit of this design and can’t wait for the opportunity to create another.

Blue Hornet Concept Sketch (click to enlarge)

 Artwork by: Dan Riley

Illustrating the final design:

Once the sketch was complete I was faced with the daunting task of creating this in Adobe Illustrator. This was a very difficult and painstaking piece to illustrate. In my opinion it had to be better than the sketch and I planned to exceed my expectations. I worked my way from back to front to keep my layers organized effectively. Once the hard lines were created on top of the sketch it was time for color and adjustment. It takes an enormous amount of time to fix the little errors and to get colors just right. I am very satisfied with the way this design swept through the design studio onto your computer! Thank you for stopping by to check it out!

I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have! Be sure to share this one with your friends and family!

Blue Hornet Final Logo Design (click to enlarge)

Artwork by: Dan Riley

Below you can see the Illustrator outlines of this design. You can see the intensity of work it takes creating such a detailed design. I charge $75 per hour for designs of this complexity level. This design represents 15 hours of from concept to completion. These types of design take such a massive amount of time due to the extensive initial concept and difficult Illustrator rendering.

Blue Hornet Final Illustrator Outline (click to enlarge)

Artwork by: Dan Riley

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  1. Wow, it is amazing and creative idea and logos are all about ideas. If a logo doesn’t has any idea or concept it can not get viewer’s attention. In this blue hornet logo design your color scheme is very attractive and perfect. No-doubt it is great design with amazing concept, i will say both the designs are attractive. It seems your professionalism, expertise and experience in logo designing.

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