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Laura Curtin

New Design | Wildlife Artist Laura Curtin

Project Description: Logo & WordPress Website Design & Back links program highlighting Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

• Create Logo for Marketing Materials
• Create WordPress Website Design
• Create Relevant Back Links

Part 1 Creating the Logo Design:

Internet Marketing | WordPress Design | Logo DesignThis Project has very special meaning to me. Laura is a very fantastic wildlife artist, she is also my loving mother. It was very important for this project to be perfect. The logo design we decided should be simple with a hint of style, overall easy to read. This logo and many before it started in Adobe Illustrator. Once completed I moved on to assembling the massive portfolio site.


Part 2 Creating the WordPress Website Design:

When I say massive I feel like it is an understatement.

This site is more complex than anything I have developed up to this point. It has 50 Item portfolio/shopping cart, I created some really fun home slideshow images and it’s loaded with features. This site has the most comprehensive and relevant back links possible. It took an eternity to assemble this site but it was worth every minute. After the bulk of the basic design was completed I began the enormous task of SEOing the back end and then the keyword and description meta tags for every page (which was no small task).[/one_half][one_half_last] final WordPress Website

Part 3 Developing the Back links:

After the site was complete it was time to build the back links and associations. This was a long and tedious process. This process also doubled my efforts, let me explain. First she will get the reciprocate link from a ranking art site. Second she will get more exposure from having her art displayed in an online public portfolio.

It is also important for artists to join local and national art foundations. By adding the associations to the home page it gives Laura credibility. The rest can be displayed with other achievements on the about page. I have developed a solid foundation for her website to grow from as she blogs more and adds new artworks.
Check out her entire site Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin
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  1. I love, love, love my art website. I show it off to everyone. I have a site that when friends see it they always say “WOW!” That was exactly what I wanted, a site that is new and fresh and different. I love the way the art looks like it’s in a gallery.

    I have a gallery on my page that doubles as a shopping cart. I have wonderful About pages that Dan put together from information I provided him.

    Dans SEO work made my site rise substantially in the searches. He put my portfolio on dozens of websites to build back links. I didn’t even know what that meant before he started working on my site. Dan made sure that all my paintings were titled with the most searched words so they are found by people looking for artwork.

    I have the ability to log into the website write my blogs and add media. Dan reviews the blogs makes changes so it complies with the best SEO requirements and gets them posted.

    This website is a masterpiece in progress, and making it the best takes a commitment from both of the parties. I had to provide content and he had to take that content and make it into a beautiful site.

    Dan took the time to build my site into the most spectacular, WOW, website. I recommend Nice Graphix to you and anyone you might know.

    Laura Curtin

    1. Post

      This project has been a challenge that made me proud to undertake. Thank you for the confidence in Nice Graphix and your continued support!!

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