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Off-Page SEO Checklist

Nice Graphix’s Search Engine Optimization Service is carefully implemented using the process described below. By using this method you you will greatly improve your business’s visibility from local searches in major search engines and local directories. Our process is separated into two parts On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

We created this graphic to outline the different elements of the SEO puzzle. By breaking your site’s SEO into manageable sections you will be able to create a very thorough local presence. Click to enlarge the image.

Off-Page SEO Checklist

These off-page attributes are addressed by the business owner & the webmaster.



Back links to your page is a huge factor in ranking. You need to take as much time as you can building them. There are multiple factors to consider when building them.

1.  Quality – Where your back link is and how well your link text is written dictates the quality of your link. Having a link on a site with high PageRank gives your link more authority. When developing links aim for high ranking sites. Develop your link text to be very specific. Do not just throw your out there, if you have the option take the time to develop an HTML link with appropriate link text like this:
Nice Graphix | Free Websites & Online Marketing.
Your link will have much greater authority.

2. Text – When developing link text make sure you add keywords that pertain directly to your services. Do not be vague or ambiguous.

3. Number – The hardest part of the equation is developing a significant amount of back links pointing to your site. Once you take the time to build a multitude of heavy weight links you will see a huge improvement in organic search results for your specific search terms. You will find helpful back link building essentials below in the section “Quick Guide to Building Back-Links”.



Connect your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter to your website. Use these in conjunction with your GEO and Author tags . Both will tell Google that you are actually a real person in business and give you added rank. Adding and verifying your Google + Account to your website will also build up trust factor.

1. Authority – Connect your social media, add your HTML GEO and Author tags. Get likes, Post frequently with useful information and promotions. Get your audience involved. Use your blog frequently. Use all of the SEO techniques in both the on page and off page SEO guides to increase authority.

2. History – When Google considers your page they look at how long your website has been around and how long your .com is registered for. Pay for your .com for at least 3 years in advance to add some weight to your page. The longer your keep your .com registered the more authority you gain.

3. Identity – Having your identity clearly linked with as many places possible with matching information will increase the overall weight of your site.



With all of the social media flying around today Google now incorporates it into it’s algorithm for determining your search ranking. Social media is a very powerful tool for SEO purposes as well as sales. Take advantage of it’s benefits for your business today!

1. Reputation – Using local directories like Yahoo, Map Quest or Angie’s List you give your customers a chance to rate your services. Give them that chance, build up a good list of happy testimonials about your services or products and search engines will pay more attention to your link when your services are searched. Connecting Social Media and then running a solid marketing campaign to build likes will also help you gain greater social reputation.

2. Shares – The more times your posts are re shared the more social reputation and authority you gain. Write posts that people can’t help but to share with their friends and watch your reputation skyrocket.



When your personal business information and social media connections have the same information your greatly improving your rank. Create those social media accounts and start building your reputation now!

1. Country – By identifying your country across platforms you rule out broad searches and far locations. You don’t want to be found in India for local plumber again…

2. Location – Ad location to as many sites available to you. By doing so, Search Engines and maps have a direct link to your business location.

3. History – A long history of Facebook posts, blogs and tweets will increase your overall ranking.



You should never use any of these practices in your SEO campaign. Multiple violations stack up against your overall ranking.

1. Link Abuse – You cannot pay for good links they are earned over time. If someone offers you a paid link service they are charging you to lower your overall SEO. Think Twice.

2. Spam – Never Never hire some blog spammer to go out there and blast your link willy nilly! Treat your links like the gold that they are, make sure your goal is to find the best home possible for them. Your greatest tool is your content, write posts that people love to read and then share with their friends.

3. Piracy – Adding any content ie: Unauthorized music, videos, photos or copy to your site could get you flagged for having pirated content. Adding a cool free video to your site is OK but give credit where it is due.


Quick Guide to Building Back-links

Building back-links should be your number one priority after the major SEO of your site is complete. Having many sites pointing to your content tells Google that there is relevant information on your page. Thus increasing your Search Engine Optimization ranking. Here are some good places to start:

Have compelling, well thought out and original content on your site that people need and love. When your audience loves your work they bookmark it and share it with others. You better believe that is going to build some solid back-links!

Start by creating a links program with all of your companies vendors and suppliers. Contact vendor web masters and ask them to join your reciprocate link program. Most companies are usually friendly to this program and have one in place already.

Online Directories
When someone searches for (Your Service) in (Your Town) you want them to see YOUR business. Add your site to Search Engine Directories like Yelp to ensure your business is found.
Helpful Online Directory List.

Portfolio Sites
If you are an artist or designer, upload samples of your work, email address and a link to your site in as many online portfolio sites as possible.

Actively Blog
Look for popular, high traffic blogs that are relevant to your content. Get involved in conversations and casually mention what you offer with a link to your site.
Get people talking about what you do in your community.

Anywhere you can add HTML links be sure to use a text link like the example. This will increase the power of the back link by having text related to your product or service.

Good Example:
Nice Graphix | Free Website Design | Online Marketing

Bad Example:

They both go to the same location but the good example has specific company attributes that will enhance link quality.


Develop MORE Content!

Anytime you can add more RELEVANT content to your website, you are giving your site more weight in the search engines. Possibly hire or commission a writer for a daily or weekly story. Keep your readers interested with frequent, new and compelling content. Don’t copy paste, be creative!!

I have read it over and over “Design your content for readers NOT Search Engines!”.
There must be something to it.



By using one of our online marketing services you can boost your business presence across a much larger market. Have a look around our site and see what we can offer your business!


Whats Next?

On-Page SEO is your next important step if you haven’t done it already. Follow our guide to increasing your local visibility using organic search engine optimization techniques.

Register your business with local directories Free Directory Submission List.

If your thinking “This is too much work for me and I’d like someone to take care of this for my business.”. Nice Graphix can manage the entire process for you including monthly reports and suggestions tailored specifically for your business. Read more about what we offer: Search Engine Optimization Service by: Nice Graphix


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  1. All these step by step tips and points are very important and effective to be successful in SEO field. One thing i am missing on my website, it is “Newsletter Form”. I will work on this point and i hope it will be helpful for my website to get good traffic as well as business.

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  3. Good Read, Nice and brief and almost covering all important information regarding off page SEO, I appreciate your writing. Thanks.

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  4. Off page SEO gives them a very good indication on how the World perceives the particular website. Thanks for sharing such nice information.

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      Akash, Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. It is my pleasure to help out! There is much more to see in the blog be sure to have a look around. Please like and share with your friends and family!

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  6. I would say .. this is awesome and very interesting fact about off-page seo and its strategy that can lead traffic organically, although this is not as easy as we think but yes, if we do this..result would be +ve.

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      Rakesh, Thank you for taking the time to comment! Yes it is a a heavy workload creating organic results! If a business wants to be found locally SEO is imperative.

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