Your Website is only as good as your SEO. You could have the most beautiful Website but if it’s not getting found your not using its full potential. Your Website without SEO is like a hook with no bait. If you don’t have SEO yet don’t worry your not lost!

Below our process is outlined clearly to build a strong presence in search engines. You can take these principles and apply them to your website and have drastic results! If you don’t feel up to the challenge we would love to improve your search rankings for you!

If you have a local business that needs foot traffic we have the perfect plan for you! If your looking to get found on a larger scale we have a plan for that too. Nice Graphix will deliver an effective SEO plan to drastically improve your rankings today!

• Create a Plan Based on Actual Searches.

We will research what keywords people are searching for related to your product or service. We will then create a custom plan that targets the highest searched keywords.

• Code your website to comply with Google.

Google is very specific about what they expect from your website. Nice Graphix will make sure your website is compliant with Google’s rules and boost your rankings considerably.

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SEO is the most important factor when ranked by Google. If you are not showing up in the top ten for your search terms then your SEO needs some help. These proven 26 point techniques deliver results. Even if you have bad or no results in searches we can help you raise your search rankings! Check out our process: