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Tall Video Logo Design

New Design | Tall Video Logo Design

Project Description: Tall Video

• Create Logo for Video Production Company

Creating a Distinguishing Brand:

This logo design is has a striking quality that grabs your attention right away. The stark contrast between the letters and background make it easy to read at a glance. My client David requested I developed this to be used on a black background, this gives it a very sleek appearance. I love logos on a black background! Tall Video’s Website can be visited at:

Delivering the final concept:

Once the final sample is created and all changes are made, the final files are delivered in any format needed. In this case a .jpg file and .ai file.

Tall Video Logo Design (click to enlarge)

Artwork by: Dan Riley

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  1. The logo is brilliant. I love the look of it and it immediately states what is being promoted. The black background is highlighted by a swatch of red as if the color from the word “video” is reflecting back on it. Clean.

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