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Facebook Advertising | ToeJoez Sandals

Project Description: Create advertising plan for ToeJoez Sandals

• Prepare website, shopping cart, Facebook business page and advertising manager for the ads

• Create advertising plan based on budget

• Create Ads tailored to ToeJoez Unique Clients

• Manage weekly budgets, report, adjust and scale up

In the beginning of Facebook advertising contracts there is an extensive amount of foundation work to be laid before any ads can be created and tested. It took a few weeks and required my client Steve to be an active participant to complete all of the small tasks. Once the footwork was complete we had a short meeting to discuss his goals and capabilities.

Then we began to create and test his ads. This process ran for a couple of months precisely honing the ad until it was finely tuned and is producing very healthy and reliable returns.

Once the ad was working to it’s full potential we scaled the budget to meet Steve’s manufacturing capabilities. We continue to grow his audience and customer base.

This is the ad that is performing flawlessly for

It’s always a pleasure working with Steve on any of his projects including this wild adventure!

Would you like to get a Facebook ad campaign started for your business too?


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  1. Dan at NiceGraphix has been working with ToeJoez Facebook advertising campaign for a few months now and our sales have never been better. He is very attentive to our budget but we all know it’s not how much you spend, it is also “how and where” you spend it. To that end, we spent a fair amount of time trying different ads (that he made up from some simple shots we did) and once we got a really good response from the one you see on this page, we continued to increase the daily budget and sure enough the resulting sales kept pace at sometimes more than a “2 to 1” ratio. By that I mean we more than doubled the gross sales as compared to the ad budget so obviously that was what we were looking for.

    But besides the FaceBook ads working well for us this spring, Dan is a great person to work with. Again, he makes up the ads and is very creative and produces very professional ads seemingly out of very basic “copy”. Our company is growing but does not yet have the volume of ad print and photos so working with Dan is a good fit for us. We very much recommend “NiceGraphix” to any and all in need of a competitive, yet affordable advertising plan that gets results!

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