Artwork by: Dan Riley

Ayce Lion Logo Design

New Design | Ayce Lion Logo Design

Project Description: Ayce Lion

• Create Logo for a Recording Artist

Creating the sketch:

I am very lucky to be creating another of these stylish designs for a new client so quickly after finishing the Blue Hornet. I am hoping to keep this style flowing. During the conception of this design it came to me to use the lion inside the spade of the ace and I ran with it.

I began this design by researching lion faces that would reflect my clients vision. I used a strong male lion with just the right expression. I then created my lion sketch that would later be integrated into the inner spade. After making a few thumbnail layouts of my idea I started the final sketch. In this sketch I laid out the important elements to the design. Because of the amount of varying elements to this design I decided to spend less time in the sketch phase.

My vision was very strong and clear for this design and I knew not to waste time hashing out the details on paper. Once the concept was approved and I explained my vision to the client, he was excited to see his logo be completed. Below are the lion and concept sketches.

Lion Sketch (click to enlarge)

Artwork by: Dan Riley

Ayce Lion Concept Sketch (click to enlarge)

Artwork by: Dan Riley

Illustrating the final design:

Having a solid concept was only the first quarter of this project. I spent three hours flushing out the idea for this design and another seven hours rendering it in Illustrator. My client Ayce asked for a crown on the lion’s head in the final design. I am always happy to add new ideas into the design to reach the clients vision

The inner illustration of the king of the jungle turned out better than I had anticipated. Once the face was inside the spade my vision was taking shape nicely. The banner and text needed to be modified to fit the wider spade. Once the lion and banner were created I illustrated the embellishments around the border of the design. I went with the blue and gold color scheme for a subliminal feeling of royalty. This design has many layers and creates a strong feeling of depth to draw your eye in.

I hope you enjoy this design as much as I have.

Ayce Lion Final Illustration (click to enlarge)

Artwork by: Dan Riley

Below is a screenshot of the illustrator outlines in the entire project. You can see that not only color and style make up such a strong design but also an incredible amount of knowledge and practice using Adobe Illustrator to create such a detailed framework. Ten hours well spent in my humble opinion.

Ayce Lion Final Illustrator Outline (click to enlarge)

Artwork by: Dan Riley

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