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New Design | Bookman Logo and animated clips

Project Description: Bookman commercial logo support

• Create logo designs for multiple commercial advertisements for the Bookman Book Store in Orange Ca.

Creating the logos for the commercials:

We have worked with Bookman on multiple occasions to assist in their commercial campaigns spoofing well known TV advertisements.

Working with David at Bookman we teamed up to bring his vision into reality.

Delivering the final designs:

The Final Designs are delivered in whichever size and format the final output of the video required.

Logo Design for Bookman’s Spoof on Carl’s Jr. Commercial

Watch the Video


Logo Design for Bookman’s Spoof on Larry H. Parker Commercial

Watch the Video


Logo Design for Bookman’s Spoof on Lipitor Commercial

Watch the Video

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  1. Dan has done splendid work for me. He’s fast and economical.
    Those are the easy quotes, the greatest aspect of his work is his understanding my unique requests. I give him a nebulous idea of what I am looking for and he delivers a sparkling graphic, some moving some inanimate, all brilliant. I could not be more satisfied. And, he’s fast and economical too!
    David @ the Bookman Bookstore

    1. Post

      David, I Greatly appreciate the chance to work on your projects with you and be part of the hilarity that are your latest commercials. I am the lucky one! Thank you for stopping by and leaving the awesome comment!
      Dan – Nice Graphix

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