Card Smart Branding Design

New Design | Card Smart Logo, Brochure, Flyer and Business Card Designs

Project Description: Create a logo and informational materials for a credit card merchant services company.

• Create a personalized vector logo.
• Create Business Card Designs.
• Create Flyer Design
• Create Tri-Fold Brochure Design

Creating the logo design:

After some initial research about merchant service companies I began creating ideas for the Card Smart logo. The design came together quickly and looks modern and elegant.

Card Smart Logo Design – Click to enlarge

Creating the Business Card design:

I used the new color scheme to create a unique double sided business card design.

Card Smart Business Card Design – Click to enlarge


Creating the Tri-Fold Brochure design:

With the clients content and an idea for images I was able to create a beautiful double sided tri-fold design.

Card Smart Tri-Fold Brochure Inside Design – Click to enlarge

Card Smart Tri-Fold Brochure Outside Design – Click to enlarge

Creating the Flyer design:

Using the same photos and new content I assembled a stylish flyer to highlight product features.

Card Smart Flyer Design – Click to enlarge

Delivering the final designs:

The final designs were delivered directly to the printer where they were quickly printed and delivered.

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