Chiroman Logo Design

Chiroman Logo Design

New Design | Chiroman Logo Design

Project Description: Dr. Steven Ward – Chiroman

• Create a superhero style logo for a Chiropractor

Creating the concept:

Creating a Superhero style logo requires two things big bold flashy text and a cool icon.

He decided to go with his already established image of the Chiroman Superhero. I used his original icon concept and created some flashy text to go along with his image. All designs go through different phases, some designs start slow and don’t become amazing until the final ideas are on paper. But this Idea went very quickly from first concepts to a very similar finished design.

ChiroMan Final Logo Design (Click to enlarge)

Visit Dr. Stephen Wards website:

ChiroMan | Dr. Stephen Ward | Long Beach, CA

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  1. I really enjoyed the process of working with Dan from NiceGraphics. Dan, is really sharp and was able to give me wonderful feedback on developing my brand. His prices are extremely affordable and his work is exceptional and even more important than that he is a man of high integrity. He recently shared with me many of his additional gifts in helping customers like me. He designs beautiful web pages as well as he is excellent with SEO. I would highly recommend Dan at NiceGraphix to any body needing help with their brand, website and/or SEO. I am extremely grateful!


    Dr. Stephen ChiroMan Ward

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      Dr. Steve, I really enjoyed working on the ChiroMan Logo! It was a pleasure working with you on this project. I look forward to working with you on any of your future projects. Thank you for stopping by to leave such a wonderful testimonial! -Dan | Nice Graphix

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