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Project Description: Hess Income Tax Logo & USPS Every Door Direct Mail flyer Design

• Create the EDDM Flyer
• Send for Printing

Part 1 Creating the EDDM Flyer:

To begin this project I begin work directly in Photoshop. Starting with a 10″ x 7″ 300dpi document I design with full bleeds, this is where the ink reaches the edge of the paper. The final printed size will be 9×6. I use or to get great stock photos for every project. I assemble the designs for both front and back using the already created logo and stock photos. After final approval I send them to be printed.

Hess EDDM Flyer Front:Internet Marketing | WordPress Design | Logo Design


Hess EDDM Flyer Back:Internet Marketing | WordPress Design | Logo Design


Part 2 Preparing the flyers for the printer:

After the design is approved, there are some things to check. Make sure the document is cmyk also be sure to rasterize your fonts. Once that is complete I send my files to a great printer John at Moonlit Ad Graphics & Printing. I have been using his printing service for years, his print quality is always beautiful and the price is very fair. I recommend him for all my printing outsourcing. Once I send over the files they are usually complete and shipped within a few business days.

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  1. This is another fantastic idea and plan developed by Dan for my business advertising. I wanted to solicit new clients in my neighborhood this year and decided to try the post office direct mail service. I let Nice Graphix know and they were able to design the postcard according to the post office specifics, work with my printer and deliver the cards to me in a matter of days.

    This was the best money I’ve spent on direct advertising. Dan got this job designed and delivered in record time and once again exceeded all of my expectations.

    Thank you Nice Graphix,

    Laura Curtin

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