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Project Description: Hess Income Tax Logo & Web Design

• Create Brand Logo for Multiple Products
• Create WordPress Website Design
• SEO Page for Google Keywords

Part 1 Creating the Brand Logo:

Hess Income Tax Final Logo:
Internet Marketing | WordPress Design | Logo DesignI chose a strong font for this text, being a tax office I believe the logo needs to portray authority. It also needs to read well from both up close and far away. It is designed solely in Adobe Illustrator so it can be used from signage to the website with ease.



Part 2 Creating the WordPress Website Design:

With the completed Logo Design I can begin the arduous process of developing the site.

Once the main page structure is complete I can start creating the graphics and laying out the copy from the clients text files for each page. After the bulk of the site is complete I completely check and recheck the pages internal SEO. Once the site is compliant I SEO the individual pages so that the meta keywords and descriptions match the page text.

After the site and internal SEO are complete it is time to pass the project on to an affiliate company Pavenet Internet Services for the final SEO Campaign.[/one_half][one_half_last] Hess Income Tax WordPress Website Design:
Internet Marketing | WordPress Design | Logo Design[/one_half_last]

Part 3 Local SEO Keyword Campaign:

Finally Pavenet Receives the completed WordPress Website Design from Nice Graphix. At this point they remove the design completely from my servers to begin their 200 step checklist for driving your local business to the top of the search engines! Check out the #1 positions for Hess Income Tax search strings “Westminster Tax Office” & “Tax Preparation Westminster”! Solid Design and Strategic SEO create fantastic results!

Check out the entire site Hess Income Tax
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  1. I am so happy with the care and service I get from Nice Graphix. I didn’t come to Dan and Nice Graphix with a design in mind for my brand. It was great that Dan designed a logo for me that promotes confidence. I’ve had so many comments from my clients about the clean design of my cards and new logo.

    I really can’t believe how Dan and his affiliate Pavenet got my website to number 1 in the search engines so quickly. I received status reports from Pavenet weekly for the first couple of weeks and after they did their magic I get a report once a month. This months report was all 1’s and A’s for top of the search.

    I don’t know anything about how to get people to my website but I’m confident that Nice Graphix does. I recommended Dan to clients all tax season and I know anyone that uses him will get better service, better ideas and better satisfaction than they could ask for.

    Laura Curtin

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