How To Make a Website

How to make a website

When people ask me “What should I expect when I purchase a WordPress Website from Nice Graphix?” I say “Do you have a few hours?”. My shortest answer is, everything in this how to make a website blog goes into your WordPress Website and blog.

My original intentions writing this guide were to answer that question for my clients in a way that they could learn more about the extensive work involved in how to create a blog for your business. At the same time providing me a checklist to ensure that not one step gets left behind. Now I would like to share how to create a website with you too!

Within this post are links to very important pieces of this massive puzzle. Be sure you follow every link to fully understand the process of how to make a website in WordPress!

I am an artist and designer before I am a tech guy and I believe that a website should be both a beautiful and a technical masterpiece. Even though the bulk of this information is technical, a website is still a form of artwork and should also be beautiful. Many will not notice how much technical work it took to bring them to your site, and to have so many advanced features within. They will however, remember your rich and beautiful content.


Internet Marketing | WordPress Design | Logo DesignGoogle Recommends that your site be a WordPress Website and starting with WordPress gives you an advantage.
There are many reasons to build your site with WordPress:
• No need to have a degree in programming.
• Security is a high priority for WordPress and coupled with plugins your site will have up to date security measures.
• There is technical support for every aspect of your website.
• Plugins assist you with the constant health of your website.
• Share your latest work with an easy to use blog?

It is time to put aside doubt about using WordPress and get going.

1. Register .com & acquire Hosting

There are some great hosting providers out there that support WordPress. Purchase hosting and .com name with the company you are comfortable with (keep the .com short, 7 letters or less if possible).
I prefer Godaddy, they have great customer service and it is very easy to install and manage WordPress through your Godaddy Acct.

Install WordPress and log in.

We set up .coms, hosting and WordPress with every site design.

2. Install Theme

Install a theme I recommend a responsive theme with no Adobe Flash imbedded, I prefer because They provide an overall beautiful platform ready for me to make it a masterpiece.
There are many others to choose from, here are a few:

Delete old themes (keep server files to a minimum).

3. Install Plugins

Install plugins: from blog Top 10 WordPress Plug-Ins Most of these require setup. Set them up one by one in the settings menu.
I recommended these plugins because they run smoothly together and to address major issues with:
Social Sharing

4. Create Pages

Google requires these pages: (create all of your navigation first fill them with content after the basic structure is complete)
Privacy policy
XML Site-map (will be created with plugin)
Not required but recommended:
* Highlight specific products or services in their own website. example: commercial / residential
* Links (Every SEO project requires back-links, even though it isn’t required by google, the back-links are, so get started by creating backlinks!)
* Blog (this is a very important tool to share your work and experience with potential customers and for them to read and share testimonials about your work and service.

Set Up Widgets for home, content and blog.
Be sure to add the “Admin” widget somewhere on your site, If by chance you get locked out, it’s nice to have as backup.

5. Develop Compelling & Relevant Content

1st paragraph, describe the contents of your website carefully and thoroughly. Also describe the attributes that make your company special above all others. Special awards newsworthy achievements and licenses.
Add Email capture form to the home for company newsletter and promotions (use contact form 7).

About: Include company location, phone #, address, list of employees working at the company (hopefully photos, email, ext. # if applicable)

Contact: Add google map geo location to contact if you have a location. Phone #, Address, Email and a Contact form (contact form 7. Don’t forget to use Captcha to eliminate spam emails)

Services: Describe in detail the services and or products your company provides.

Privacy Policy: Very important for your customer and required by google. Great site to get your custom policy: Free Privacy Policy Generator simply copy paste your policy into your page.

Blog: Develop a theme or topic to get your readers interested. SEO your content thoroughly not only for On-Page SEO but also related searches.

XML Site-map: Required by google, find in plugin list: Top 10 WordPress Plugins
create content for your specific product or service and highlight them in a page of their own

Links Page: START A LINKS PROGRAM!! this is very important! for every website that links to you and you link back, gives you more weight in the search engines.
Blog Pages: Offer people: how to DIY tips and tricks, Recent projects (allows commenting for customer testimonials), present past and future Events, press releases, promotions

Create internal links within the body of your content to other relevant parts of your website. Nice Graphix

6. Create beautiful Slideshow images

When you create your home slideshow images, think WOW for your viewers! if there isn’t a slideshow built into your theme you can download a free slideshow plugin for WP. A good slide show will catch peoples eye and get them interested in exploring further.

• Get your reader excited!
• Keep your slideshow to 4-5 images.
• Use one font for all slides.
• Make it easy to read with minimal amount of text.
• Use medium quality jpgs for your images to keep the load times down.
(this applies to all images on your site)
• Keep marketing techniques in mind.
• Use testimonials for your product or service.

Sample Slide Ideas:

Slide 1 represent your best work

Slide 2 represent your most important service or product

Slide 3 next important product or servic

Slide 4 last product or servic

Slide 5 optional “contact us now

7. Create Portfolio & Shopping Cart

Create portfolio and or shopping cart images if needed.
800×800 max pixels, 72dpi, medium resolution jpgs (Photos are everything, if you have a product, it should be professionally photographed.)

Set up portfolio and or shopping cart pages.
(IMPORTANT to include these in your final SEO)

I prefer the WooCommerce shopping cart for its functionality and easy setup. Go to: “ad new plugin” Search for WooCommerce, instal and activate.

Input your Paypal email address and you are ready to go.

If you wish to set up master card or visa payment options you will need to contact your business bank to get started. I am not going to discuss the setup procedures in this article.

8. SEO your website thoroughly

The next two steps are huge and I have dedicated a blog to each topic.

Follow this checklist to:
Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Checklist

9. SEO your page focus keywords

Follow this checklist to:
On-Page Search Engine Optimization Checklist

Using the SEO quake (Density) function will asses your page title, keywords and description. Your Focus Keywords should be very high on the list in relation to the times used on your page in the content. Quake will show you what to fix.

10. SEO your Home Page Last

Use 7-10 focus keywords relating to your content.

Use “All in One SEO” while creating your home page to add the title, focus keywords and description.
In “Settings” / “All in One SEO”  find and create your home  “Title”, “Description” & “Keywords” use your focus keywords to accurately encompass your sites content. Use the same focus keywords and descriptions used in your home page.

Make it very clear to the user and search engines what they will find on your website with descriptive and accurate titles. Leave out stop-words.

SEO Title:
A good home page title for a local service might read like this:
“Joe’s Plumbing | Home Town, Home State, Zip Code”

or for a business with a broader range than just it’s home town:
“Jane’s Party Planning | Indoor & Outdoor Parties”

Site Title:
In “Settings” / “General”  –  find  “Site Title” use the same text as your SEO title. This will show after the page title on every internal page.

Page title:
11 words / 70 characters MAX, keep your page and site titles short.
“Page” | “Site Title”

“Site Title”: “Jane’s Indoor & Outdoor Parties”

About Page Reads Like This:
“About | Jane’s Indoor & Outdoor Parties”

11. Ping blog reader sites

Free ping list:
When you publish a blog you want readers to find it. Adding this list to Settings/Writing in your WordPress Admin will help.
Ping List

12. Register with Directories

Register your website with the directories on this list for free:
Free Directory Submission List
This will increase your chances at local foot traffic from local map searches.

13. Create and Connect Social Sharing

Create a company profile in Facebook
Create a company twitter profile
Link them to your social WordPress plugins

14. Back Up Your Site

VaultPress owned by Automatic, the creators of WordPress. why go anywhere else?

15. Secure an 800 #

Make it easy and free for your customers to call you with an 800 #. I use Access Line because the service is great and the price is right.
Access Line Toll Free

Get Noticed!

Do something press worthy
Develop a Press Release
Send it to local and national news sites
Send it to free press release websites
Start a sweepstakes: I love Giveaways – Sweepstakes

Helpful Links:

How to Design a Logo
How to make a website:
On-Page Search Engine Optimization Checklist
Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Checklist
Free Directory Submission List
Top 10 WordPress Plug-Ins
Stop-Word List
Ping List

Nice Graphix offers all of these services with every WordPress Website Design.

I hope this is helpful for your project!

I appreciate comments and questions! Keep in mind comments are moderated for content and links in names.

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  1. well explained the process of purchasing a domain and installing wordpress. and the points which are important while going through each step. i think the title of this post should be like “How to earn success in wordpress: Steps to consider”

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  2. Before read your post i was unaware about it that how we can keep backup of a WordPress website or blog. After read your post i learn a lot of things regarding different categories of WordPress website designing. Your shared process is very informative for everyone even who don’t have basic knowledge about it.

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